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Ottawa Industrial Park (OIP) Specific Utilities

Click below for utility map:

Electric, Gas and Telecom PDF

Ameren electricity

Two separate 138 kV lines supply two separate substations which serve the site with  34.5kv power — currently with excess capacity of 10 MW and expandable to 30 MW.  In addition, two separate 138 KV lines are available to provide direct power to the OIP well in excess of 30 MW.

Nicor natural gas

Two gas lines serve the OIP:  a 2” – 230# MOP on site and an adjacent 6” — 230# MOP.  These provide a very large capacity.  In addition, there is a nearby natural gas pipeline that can easily be tapped for extreme natural gas loads.

AT&T telephone and fiber

AT&T has both copper and fiber on site at the OIP.  These provide telephone and internet services at excellent speeds.

MTCO communications fiber

MTCO has a fiber trunk main located a half mile from the OIP which could easily be extended to the site for a dual source of fiber and internet – also all at excellent speeds.

Mediacom cable 

Mediacom has cabe on site at the OIP.  It provides cable television as well as internet — again at excellent speeds.

Water and Sewer Map

Water, Sanitary and Storm PDF

City of Ottawa water

The City of Ottawa supplies water to the OIP from deep wells through reverse osmosis treatment plants.  The site is served by looped 12” and 16” mains with 60 psi static pressure and 2,700 gpm and 20 psi residual.The wells and treatment plants have significantly more than a one million gallons per day (MGD) excess capacity.

City of Ottawa sanitary

The City of Ottawa provides sanitary treatment for the OIP.  The site is served by a 21” deep gravity sanitary sewer.  Downstream lift stations have 200,000 GPD excess capacity with approved and permitted plans ready to upgrade to over 1 MGD excess capacity.