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The north side of the City of Ottawa is bisected by Interstate 80 which runs east-west.  The Interstate 80 Corridor is comprised of a mix of retail, commercial and distribution businesses located within a range of approximately one-half mile both to the north and also to the south of Interstate 80.  There are two Ottawa exits off Interstate 80.  The exit used primarily to access the Corridor is the westernmost which is the Illinois Rt. 23 interchange.


It should be noted that the easternmost I-80 Ottawa exit – the IL Route 71 interchange – will be the means of accessing the City of Ottawa’s newest economic development corridor.  This new development corridor will stretch from Interstate 80 south along IL Rt. 71 to approximately the intersection of Rt. 71 and U.S. Rt. 6, a distance of three miles.  The City of Ottawa is installing sanitary sewer along this corridor beginning in the Spring of 2018.  At the same time, a new TIF District is being created for the

Rt. 71 Corridor.  The corridor is already located in the Ottawa Enterprise Zone.  Privately owned property – now used as farmland — is readily available.  An interesting feature along the west side of Rt. 71 throughout most of the new corridor is the back drop of the Dayton Bluff Nature Preserve.  The available development property is between the Preserve which runs along the Fox River and IL Rt. 71.