Ottawa Industrial Park Incentives


The Ottawa Industrial Park (OIP) is located in the OIP Tax Increment Financing District.  

The TIF District enables Ottawa to share the increase in real estate taxes generated by development with the developer to offset a wide array of development costs.


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The Ottawa Industrial Park is located in the Ottawa Enterprise Zone which provides the following advantages:

  1. Sales Tax Exemption — Local sales tax deduction of 1.75% and State sales tax

deduction of 5% on building materials purchased in Illinois and used for real property

construction, rehabilitation and renovation within the EZ.

  1. Investment Tax Credit — A State investment tax credit of 0.5% is allowed for qualified

property located in the EZ.  Qualified property includes machinery, equipment and

Buildings. This credit may be carried up to five years.

  1. Job Tax Credit — Allows a business a $500 credit on Illinois income taxes for each job

Created in the EZ for which a certified dislocated or economically disadvantaged person

hired.  The credit may be carried forward for up to five years.  A minimum of 5 eligible

employees must be hired to qualify for the credit.

  1. Utility Tax Exemption.– A State utility tax exemption on gas, electricity and the Illinois

Commerce Commission (ICC) administrative charge is available to businesses in the EV                                    

which make a $5 million investment which causes the creation of full-time 200 new jobs

or $20 million investment for the retention of 1,000 full-time jobs in Illinois.

  1. Machinery and Equipment/Pollution Control Facilities Sales Tax Exemption –A waiver of

the 6.25% sales tax on purchases of tangible personal property to be used or consumed

in the manufacturing or assembly process or in the operation of a pollution control

facility.  Eligibility is contingent upon business making a $5 million investment causing

the creation of 200 full-time jobs in the EZ or a $40 million investment causing the

retention of 2,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the EZ or an investment of $40 million

causing the retention of 90% of the existing jobs.


  1. Upper Illinois River Valley Development Authority

Tax exempt bonds such as industrial revenue bonds used for manufacturing

activities.  Taxable bonds for non-manufacturing purposes such as commercial,

industrial, transportation and distribution facilities.  Long term financing, low interest

rates, flexible terms, favorable requirements, quasi-state guarantee.

Contact:  Andrew Hamilton – 866/325-7525

  1. Illinois Finance Authority

Low cost non-conventional financing plus hands-on support for businesses.  Financing

for land, new building, renovation or equipment.  Interest rates below prime.  Ten year term.

Contact:  Richard Frampton –

  1. USDA Rural Development — Business Industrial

Loan guarantee program can be used for land and building, new construction or renovation, equipment, working capital plus refinance

Contact:Ottawa USDA Rural Development office at 815/433-0551, ext. 4

  1. City of Ottawa Development Industrial Commission

City participates with local lender. Job retention or creation.  Low interest rate. Ten year term.  

Contact:  William Franklin — 815/228-2335


  1. Small Business Administration 504 Loan Program

Acquisition of long term machinery and equipment, land, improvements, construction,


Contact:  Dave Noble, City of Ottawa, for local SBA lenders (

  1. Foreign Trade Zone #176

FTZ area considered to be outside of the United States.  Customs duties can be

Reduced, deferred or eliminated.

Contact:  Anna Garrison — 815/969-4261 ( – FTZ managed by Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC)


1. Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE)

Note:   The EDGE program has very recently been reauthorized by the State and is

being revamped so will need to update this item when the changes are announced.

  1. Advantage Illinois

A standard Participation Loan Program (PLP) which is designed to enable small businesses to obtain medium to long-term financing in the form of term loans to help grow and expand their businesses.  State participation is subordinated to the private sector lender.  The program provides a “below market” interest rate to the business being financed.

Contact:   These programs are offered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).  The DCEO contacts are Adrian Madunic, DCEO Northwest Region Manager — mobile — 217/299-5532 ( and Lee Trotter, Northwest Region Account Manager — mobile 309/582-4090, office — 309/596-4027 (


The City of Ottawa employs a State government lobbyist/consultant with major Illinois State government experience — including service as the principle assistant to the Director of the Illinois DCEO.  Potential Ottawa investors have the opportunity to use his services to assist in pursuing the maiimum amount of State of Illinois incentives.